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Lose Up To 14 Pounds In 21 Days 

The First 21 Days

The First 21 days is the Kickstart of one of our most successful weight lost programs, It's called the The 21-Day Fit Minimalist. This is a "Cut all the B.S." don't wast time at the gym, and start your day with a superfood smoothie to promote explosive energy and fat loss. 

The Purpose Of The Kickstart

The purpose of this kickstart to proof to you that our stuff works! There is SO MUCH DAD INFORMATION out there, we don't want you to think "Will this really work for me? Even with my super busy schedule"... The answer is YES! Because it has worked 1000s of times and we will not accept your money, unless you said you got results!!!

The Fit Minimalist

The 21-Day Fit Minimalist consist of 21 short (3-5 minute) daily video with effective fat-burning and strength training workout using weights. We will show you how to create easy superfood smoothies that activate your stomach digestive system in the most optimal level, PLUS they are travel friendly. Ultimately, getting ride of ALL excess weight, looking, AND feeling AMAZING!

The NO B.S. Approach 

We hate wasting time...Do you? No one should spend hours in the kitchen or at the gym, when you have business to take care of...Right? You're not a bodybuilder or a physique competitor...So why follow those time consuming programs?.... when you can use the new researched proven and lab tested fat-burning & muscle building methods. The best part is that it CUTS ALL the B.S. and it's made to be simple...Straight to the point, without wasting time you can't get back!!!...  
Yes! I Want to Lose up to 14 POUNDS In 21 Days!
*Guaranteed Or You Pay NOTHING!*

Would you pay $67 to lose 14 pounds in 21-days, and keep it off? How would that make you feel? How much more could you accomplish at work and on what's most important to you?

On this priceless online program, you'll get to spend 21-Days with Jose Perez, The Fit CEO, with daily videos showing the exact steps I use to get in-and-out of the gym fast, create superfoods smoothies that help you lose weight and explosive energy. These are Jose's best kept secrets he teaches high performing sales agents, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. 

This is how it works...

Step #1 - Put in your credit card right now to reserve your spot.

Step #2 - You attend the 21 day short video trainings with Jose (the first 7 days you activate individual body part and optimize stomach efficiency to lose excessive water and body weight - the last 14 days helps you burn body fat)

Step #3 - At the end of the kickstart, if you haven't lost up to 14 pounds, then just email us at (at our private email address that we'll reveal on the your first email) and you won't have to pay a dime.

When you lose up to 14 pounds in 21 days, then just do nothing, and after the kickstart we'll bill you a one time payment of just $67.
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What's inside The 21-Day Fit Minimalist 
  •  21-Day Challenge with videos 
  •  15 Minutes Fat Burning Upper Body Workouts 
  •  15 Minutes Fast Burning Lower Body Workouts
  •  Perfect Form Video Trainer
  •  Resistance Training Guide
  •  24/7 Membership Area to Daily Workouts
(Value: $900) 
  • 21-Day Fast Daily Meal Plans
  •  Easy To Follow Step-by-Step Instructions
  •  Custom Guide to Create Your On Plan
  •  Travel & On-The-Go Meals
  •  Instance Access & Print Friendly
(Value: $220) 
  •  Power V-Blend Custom Guide
  •  1-3 Step Easy Process
  •  Downloadable Access
  •  Superfood Ingredients
  •  Travel Pro Tips
(Value: $110) 
  •  21- Short Audio Recordings
  •  Lifestyle Mindset Training for Long Term Thinking
  •  Letting Go of Limiting Believes
  •  Coaching to Access Instant Inner Drive
  •  Program Your Mind to Life fit & Make Healthy Choices
(Value: $1,290) 
Total Value of $2,520
Busy People Who Got Results
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a recurrent payment or one-time payment?  

This is a ONE-TIME payment for LIFETIME ACCESS! You can't beat that!

When does the course start and finish?

LIFETIME ACCESS! There is no hard start and stop. This is your unlimited toolbox to begin incorporating these exercises into your everyday life! I will be teaching you how to incorporate them into your day so that it takes no more than 15 minutes/day to fat loss and strength!

What if I am not currently fit?

Perfect! This is the exact time you NEED to dive in, find where you have restrictions within the body and learn how to overcome those to prevent future bad habits and be fit anywhere.

What if I am currently in pain or have an injury?

Also a perfect time for you to begin. You will always choose exercises that fit your needs at the time. There are plenty of modules and exercises we cover that will decrease pain, reduce injury and are very easy on the body.

Will this be detrimental to my lifting program?

Heck no! In fact, it will be the exact OPPOSITE! Once you find your routine and remain consistent, you will find your body opening up so that you can begin to lift heavier, open your shoulders and back swiftly, and squat deeper.

What if I already do other workouts?

Great! You may already got some results. BUT the fit minimalist program dives deeper into end-range control and strength, as well as teaches you how to tap into other fat burning and muscle building principles you may not even be aware of!

What if I need help finding my restrictions or structuring in my minimalist routine?

That's what the Facebook group is for! You'll have access to ask me any question you have and a community committed to the health of their own body to hold you accountable for your own!

What if I am unhappy with this course?

GUARANTEE POLICY. I never want you to feel unsatisfied, so contact us ( Jose @ thefitceo dot com) before you get charged and you pay nothing. 
My Name is Jose Perez
And I Was Once In Your Shoes..

I want to prove to you that this
is true for you too...

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